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test Ideas for kitchen design

Since we spend a lot of our time in the kitchen, it would be wrong to say that it is a place where we only cook food. After all, it is in the kitchen that we usually talk about important and not so important topics with friends over a glass of wine, do various household chores, gather with relatives for a delicious dinner. That is why it is very important that our kitchen is comfortable and has an attractive appearance. Today we’ll talk about kitchen renovation ideas and how to make your kitchen not only comfortable, but also stylish.

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Kitchen layout

Before starting repairs in an apartment or a private house, it is very important to decide on the layout. It is the same with the kitchen – planning plays a very important role here. It can be different depending on how the kitchen is placed in the kitchen. So, the main types of layouts are:

   Straight. This type of layout is not suitable for every kitchen. It is better to choose a direct kitchen only when your kitchen is long and large enough, since the entire kitchen set should be along one wall.

   Corner. One of the most common types of layouts for small square-shaped kitchens. In this case, the kitchen set is installed with the letter “G” along two walls. – Bar counter. This layout is perfect for one or two people. The bar counter in the kitchen is installed instead of the table, so for a large family this layout will be inconvenient. Also, the bar counter is a great way of zoning if you have a studio.

   U-shaped. This type of layout resembles the previous one, however, the bar counter here is not the main dining area, it is an addition to the kitchen set. This area can be used as a working area or as an additional dining area.

   Island. If your kitchen has a fairly large area, then you can think about installing an island. The island is installed in the middle of the room and serves as an additional work area or dining table. However, the island must be high enough, because bar stools must go to it.

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How to organize space in the kitchen

After we have decided on the layout, it is worth thinking about organizing the kitchen space. Convenience and comfort are very important in kitchens. This should guide the organization. Think about how to arrange everything so that your movements do not hinder anything, and all the kitchen content is where it is convenient to reach.

The kitchen is conditionally divided into the following zones: a place for preparing food, a place for washing, a place for cooking, a place where kitchen utensils are stored and a place where food is stored. It is very important to set these zones correctly.

For example, food preparation areas can be multiple for added convenience. One of these zones must be placed between the sink and the stove. Another can be placed between the refrigerator and the sink, and another one behind the stove. Also make sure that there is enough light in these areas.

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The place for washing is the sink. Above it should be a cabinet with a dryer – a special basket for wet dishes, from where water will drain. There should be a garbage place under the sink, as well as shelves for various household chemicals.

Cooking area can contain various appliances such as stove, oven and microwave, slow cooker, etc. Next to this area, it is advisable to place lockers where pots, pans and other utensils are stored in which food is prepared. Make sure all utensils are easy to reach and not too high or low.

Don’t forget about a place where kitchen utensils are stored. Make sure there are enough cupboards and drawers to hold all your crockery.

There are several places where products are stored. These are a refrigerator, a freezer and lockers for storing cereals, bread, sweets, etc.

In addition, it is important to take care of the correct distance between all lockers and zones. For example, there should be a minimum distance of 50 cm between the cabinets on which the work areas are located and the hanging cabinets. There should also be 50 cm between the sink and the stove. The total length of the surfaces in the preparation of products should be about one meter. And the optimal distance between the work area and the dining table is 90 cm.

Also make sure that all of your lockers will open freely without being hit by knobs or other cabinets.

Which style for the kitchen to choose – photo gallery

In the kitchen, design is very important, because it is not only your personal comfort, but also a place where you spend time alone or with guests for delicious food. Therefore, when planning repairs, it is important to plan the future design of the kitchen. We’ll cover the most common styles that will make your stay in the kitchen a delight for the eyes.


Country style is a very special and cozy design, reminiscent of a country house. Despite the fact that this style originated at the beginning of the 20th century, it still remains a relevant and stylish solution for interiors.

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This style is simple and functional. Natural, non-hazardous materials predominate here. Country-style interiors have a warm and calm color scheme. The main colors we most often become are shades of brown.

Also, country style is characterized by the use of rough wooden furniture. For the kitchen, you can purchase a massive table and chairs made of wood.


Classic cuisine is always about sophistication and luxury. Natural and expensive materials are used here, for example, crystal, stone, wood. The style is also characterized by rich decor, columns and furniture are decorated with balustrades.

The color scheme of the classic style is dominated by light and brown shades. Be sure to have a white color in the interior of the kitchen, which is often taken as a basis. Brown is commonly used in wood kitchen furniture.

Another characteristic feature of the classics is textiles. Use tablecloths, curtains, curtains, etc. to decorate the kitchen.


Modern kitchen is a kitchen whose design combines comfort and sophistication. This style is characterized by arches, large windows, a massive door with glass inserts and a lot of space.

Art Nouveau style uses natural materials, mainly wood and glass. Floral and animal ornaments on walls, furniture upholstery, tablecloths, etc. are welcome here.

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Another element of style that distinguishes Art Nouveau from others is stained glass windows. It is also appropriate to use patterns of plants and animals. Often stained glass windows for this style are made of colored glass.

The color palette is reminiscent of country music. It is appropriate to use all the shades that can be found in nature. For example, shades of brown, green, blue, grey, etc. The dominant colors are usually beige, cream or white.


The laconic and practical Scandinavian style has become popular in Ukraine for a long time, but it is still in the tops. Why did he conquer not only Ukrainians, but the whole world?

Scandinavian style is associated with calmness, thoughtfulness and poise. Calm colors and minimal decor reduce the risk of eye irritation and make it easy to concentrate on your thoughts, work or hobbies.

It is characterized by a small amount of furniture, a lot of space and natural light. The main colors here are white and light shades of gray, and accent blotches are any natural shades.

Choosing modern designs for the kitchen without the help of professionals, you can always turn to the Internet for help, where there are a lot of ideas for the kitchen. This makes it easy to find designer kitchens that you like and replicate them in your own kitchen. However, remember that the pictures may differ from your reality, so try to fit the design you like into the features of your kitchen.


Loft is a modern design of a kitchen or any other room, which many people associate with industrialism and creativity. This style is also known for its minimalism and practicality.

The style is characterized by an open layout, a lot of space, the presence of beams, pipes and raw walls. Therefore, the loft style fits best in studios with high ceilings.

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In the loft style, materials such as wood, stone, concrete, metal are used. Also, often all materials are artificially aged.

Among the colors, brown, black, terracotta, white, gray and beige predominate. And for the decoration of loft-style rooms, posters, graffiti, and road signs are usually used.


Imagine a provincial house somewhere on the coast of France. What kind of cuisine do you see there? Delicate colors, cute furniture, lots of textiles and flowers? This is what a Provence style kitchen should be like.

The Provence style is characterized by furniture with artistic curves, the use of natural materials and the presence of floral ornaments. Delicate and pastel shades of yellow, turquoise and lavender are used as the main colors in Provence.

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The style is also characterized by the use of textile decor. It can be knitted napkins, beautiful tablecloths, cute curtains, carpets, etc. In addition to textiles, you can decorate the interior of the kitchen with various plants, pots, vases, baskets, etc.

How to choose a kitchen set

Designs of a kitchen set are an important part in the interior of the kitchen. However, when looking at design ideas for a kitchen set, you need to take into account not only the appearance, but also the features of the materials. For example, when choosing a headset, remember that the material from which it was made must be resistant to moisture and temperature extremes. Next, we talk about modern and beautiful designs of a kitchen set. You can also see beautiful kitchen photos of which we have attached to the article.

The modern design of the kitchen set should match the overall interior of the room. It will always be a winning option to choose a kitchen set in the same style and color scheme as the kitchen decoration.

A stylish solution is kitchen furniture without handles (push to open). Such lockers open by pressing the front and fit perfectly into any kitchen interiors. However, in this case, it is better to choose matte furniture, since fingerprints will remain on the glossy one.

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Quite a fashionable and interesting option – accenting with a bright color. The whole kitchen can be made in soothing basic colors, and kitchen furniture can have a bright color.

In addition, for the kitchen, we advise you to choose minimalist furniture without unnecessary details, because the kitchen is a place where there are always splashes of water, grease, food particles, etc. Therefore, it should be easy and quick to wash.

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It is very important to choose the right countertop for the work surface. They are made from different materials and in different colors. for example, stone or marble countertops always look advantageous and elegant.

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Next, we’ll talk about how to choose colors for the kitchen so that they blend well with each other.

How to choose the right colors for your kitchen

The selection of colors for the kitchen is a rather complicated process. It’s not enough just to choose a few favorite colors and combine them, because not all colors are suitable for each other. Therefore, rash decisions can turn your kitchen into a circus.

It is also important to be aware of the visual impact of color on a room. We will talk about the basic rules for color combinations that will help make the kitchen sophisticated and interesting.

Tip number 1. A kitchen in light colors can visually enlarge the space, while a dark one can do the opposite.

Tip #2. Designers advise you to choose the color of furniture in the kitchen so that it matches the color of the finish or decor elements.

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Tip #3. When using bright colors, combine them wisely. In order not to make a mistake, use the Itten color circle. Such a circle is divided into 12 colored sectors, the basis of which is red, yellow and blue. There are several ways to successfully combine colors:

   Complimentary – a combination of contrasting colors (a certain color is combined with the one opposite, for example, red matches green).

   Classical triad – these are colors equidistant from each other, connecting which an equilateral triangle will come out. In the kitchen, the classic triad can be used by taking one color as a base, and others as accents.

   Analogue triad – these are three colors that are next to each other in the circle of Itten.

There are a lot of such combination schemes, so feel free to look for the one that suits you, combine colors with each other and choose those colors and ideas for the kitchen that will be the perfect option for you.